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Health facilities or other organizations without any lucrative purpose, aimed at helping Developing Countries in sanitary field, if interested in founding an international collaboration to develope Progetto A.P.P.A.® may send an e-mail at:appa.onlus@unito.it.


We are proposing galenics essentially for two reasons: the first one is that the production system is low cost and the operative procedures are simple; the second one, most interesting and important in our opinion, is the possibility to prepare medicinal products with dosage and pharmaceutical forms according to the customer demand and, of course, to medical prescriptions.

This Project argues on a hospital provided of four hundred beds. Statistics show that maximum therapeutical covering is about ten administrations/die each patient. Then about four thousands pharmaceutical administrations should be daily dispensed. We choose the suitable apparatus, according to the daily demand.

The Project is agree with Italian rules, which could be changed or simplified adapting to local needs and to difficulties of drug and material supply. These simplifications have obviously not to change the galenic quality: quality is a necessary support of security and efficacy. In the attached Project, you can find a description of instruments and principal applied procedures; costs are also reported. Pay particular attention to the lower cost of revised instruments, because they have a 40% discount.

In our opinion the realization of Project A.P.P.A.® will require six steps:



The first one implies the choise of the place where to build the galenic lab; The medical doctor responsable of medical center will put in evidence the local pathology, then we will project the correct pharmaceutical forms.
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The second one implied a stage at Farmacia Antoniana in S. Gillio Torino, for a Pharmacy’s student of Pharmacy Faculty of Turin -during the experimental thesis-, under Dott. Antonio Germano supervision; the stage permit to learn what is necessary to prepare the programmed medicinal products.



The third one concerns that a person of your organization come to Italy, to learn the procedures of galenic preparations (about one month work) at Farmacia Antoniana in S. Gillio Torino, under Dott. Antonio Germano and a Pharmacy’s student supervision preferably on the beginning of Autumn 2006. During this period we will send you material you need for galenic lab.
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The fourth one concerns in a training period in your hospital, during which your technician, which has been in Italy to learn galenic methods and procedures, will be coordinate in his work by the Pharmacy’s student (preferably in the winter 2006, spring 2007).



The fifth one concerns quality control of medicinal products routinely prepared in new galenic lab; moreover some sample of these wiil be send to University of Turin, Pharmacy Faculty, to Professor Paola Brusa which will check the quality of galenic formulations.
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The last one concerns in periodical stages at your new lab for Pharmacy’s students of Pharmacy Faculty of Turin -during the experimental thesis-: these stages will be performed each year both to permit a continuos supervision of medicinal products prepared in the lab and to formulate new formulations according to the request of the medical doctor responsable of the medical center.

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